bedding systems for cows

With the bedding technology for cubicles, bedding material is automatically fed to the cubicles. The bedding material is placed centrally at the bale shredder or storage container and then transported to the barn via an IBO cable pulley conveyor system. This happens fully automatically, almost silently and without much dust. Different spreading materials can be used, such as straw (also long straw up to 8 cm), fermentation substrate, flour, sawdust and much more.

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dry feed ccm feeder and feeeding systems

The IBO feedings are known to promote high levels of CCM. Our hoist rope is designed in such a way that even fibrous and sticky substances such as CCM do not stick and flow well. Our automatic feeders are also constructed in such a way that no bridges form and the material can be processed. The controls for our CCM feeding work according to the principle that the conveyor system is repeatedly emptied so that no damp material remains in the pipe. With this combination of technology, we reliably process feed with a lot of raw fiber. We will advise you in a personal conversation

Straw feeding for cows and clafs

We have developed our new bedding technology based on IBO feeding.

Different goods such as straw, corn, alfalfa and many other types of roughage can be sprinkled in.

It is scattered almost dust-free and can be used to process long-fiber products with a stem length of up to 8 cm.

Nest litter, area litter and bedding in automatic feeders are possible.

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dry feed ccm feeding for pig

With the newly developed roughage feeding system from IBO Stalltechnik, fibrous goods such as straw / CCM and maize can be automatically fed.

The transport of roughage up to a length of 8cm is thus possible.

This saves time and money and has a positive effect on the development of the calves.

The spout can be adjusted via the orange downpipes. With the IBO feeding can always be fed and fed in batches.

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Kürbisfest Hof Slüter in Bocholt

Vom 06-07 September stellen wir auf dem Kürbisfest von Hof Slüter aus. Hier haben wir vor gut 4 Jahren die erste Raufutteranlage installiert. Kommen Sie vorbei und machen Sie sich selbst ein Bild.

Instructive look at Haus Düsse

The Agricultural Center Haus Düsse in Bad Sassendorf, Germany, we are represented in the instructive look with feeding technology for pigs. The permanent exhibition gives farmers an overview of the state of the art animal housing and housing equipment.  weiterlesen →

Teaching and Testcenter at Futterkamp